Universal Parenthood

There’s no doubt about it – parenting is hard. Parenting is tough, regardless of income or waist size. Babies don’t care whether you’re the president of an international company or a dinner monitor at the local school, they just want your love and attention.

I’ve not been a mother very long; my son is not quite a year and a half old. What has struck me, over and over again during the last sixteen months, though, is that parents are all the same despite the multitude of differences. We all love our children with everything we have and we all want them to feel that. We all of us, all around the world, have the same goals regardless of whether our paths towards them are the same.

I have been conducting interviews with parents from around the world over the last few months, as the concept of parenting has intrigued me. I’ve spoken to stay at home mums, mums that work seventy hour weeks, mumtrepeneurs and home educating mums. Women that have emigrated to far off places, or women that were born outside of the UK. Religious women, women with completely different views to mine… and yet despite our geographical, political, religious differences, they have all had the same hopes and dreams for their children.

Don’t you think this is a powerful piece of information? In a world that seems to be filled with politicians trying to divide us in whatever way they can, how unifying is it to be able to look at the person next to you in the street and know, without doubt, that they are filled with love, that they are living with love and promoting love through their children in whatever way they can.

Love is in the answers to all my questions, and love is the way we show those that are dividing us that they can’t.

I’ll be posting an interview every week, including those in my back catalogue, to show exactly that!