Clean Living

Due in part to ill health in the family and also through a desire to start living more cleanly, we are trying to find chemical free products to replace the things we use in our everyday lives. We have had a bit of a scare regarding the contents of our food and our medicines recently and this is also a driving force behind our decision to change, as well as wanting to know for sure what I was putting in and on my baby.

Part of this, and somewhat controversially, is my wish for my son not to have refined sugar. I say controversially because when I mention it to people it does seem to almost anger some of them – like me choosing differently to them is me criticising their parenting, which I absolutely am not. One of my strongest beliefs is that all parents are doing their best and for me, doing my best is avoiding refined sugar. For others, it’s a bit of a joke, like I am a first timer and being precious. I can tell you now that I am not precious about my child, he is rough and tumble and a tough little nut. Admittedly, I am more militant about the no refined sugar rule than my partner is, but by and large, we have avoided it. It is our decision to do what is best for our child and we stand behind it. It is not up for discussion.

The second thing we have started doing is buying locally grown fruit and veg bags from a local company as well as buying our meat from our local butchers (can I say the word ‘local’ enough?) I have always just bought the cheapest possible food from the supermarket and was sceptical initially. I didn’t think there could be that much difference in the quality or the taste and so far I am happy to be proved wrong. I’ve spent the last year teaching myself to cook and always cook from scratch anyway, so I think that has helped me really appreciate the quality of the stuff we are receiving. I’ve been overjoyed to find that my grocery bill is a lot less too!

Finally, we are slowly trying to find ways of replacing our hygiene products and cleaning products with chemical free alternatives. It’s a slow process and one we have only just started really, but we both think it’s worth it.