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This post has been brewing a while, but I’ve not been brave(?) enough to sit down and write it. I half heartedly started it during Maternal Mental Health Week, but it wasn’t the right time and I’m not sure now is either to be honest, but I’m giving it a go anyway. It’s been roughly… Read More Anxiety



In light of the ridiculously unrepresentative Hello/Next campaign that has been a topic of discussion recently, I have found myself reflecting on my own heritage, and that of my son. I am mixed race, and therefore so is he – my father is half Bangladeshi. Last year I did one of those Ancestry DNA kits… Read More Representation


Pelvic Floor

TMI ALERT – I’m going to talk about my pelvic floor. I definitely ignored everyone telling me to do my pelvic floor exercises when I was pregnant and my god do I know about it now. A combination of laziness, a rose tinted idea of what labour would be like and the blind faith of… Read More Pelvic Floor


Baby Loss Awareness Week

It’s the annual Baby Loss Awareness week this week, so I thought I’d write about one of my experiences. It’s such a taboo subject that it carries the tagline ‘break the Silence’ and it isn’t something I personally talk about very often, although I don’t know why. Embarrassment, perhaps? Shame? I don’t know. This time… Read More Baby Loss Awareness Week