About Me

I’m a not-quite-thirty-year-old mum of a one and a half year old little boy. We live with my boyfriend (and his daddy) in ruralish Wales, trying to raise our son with good values and strong ethics.

I’m passionate about lots of things. I love reading and singing and learning to cook. I’m interested in politics and feminism and human rights. I love to knit and get outside in the beautiful welsh countryside. However, due to the latest addition to my life – the whirlwind, all consuming, love of my life and joy of my soul that is my son – I often find myself neglecting the above!

I’m having to remain anonymous at present because it is frowned upon in my profession to have an ‘online presence’ and ‘public opinions’ which makes me feel uneasy enough to instigate a career change. In the meantime, though, please bear with me while we remain unnamed and faceless!

My son is gluten intolerant and is largely refined sugar free, so cooking and baking features a lot in my life, in my photos and in my blog! I’ve only recently learned to cook so am always on the look out for easy, healthy family meals.

Due to illness in the family, we are trying to make the switch to chemical free products and groceries. I made the move recently from supermarket shopping to ordering fruit and veg boxes and buying butchers meat which means that I know I’m using only locally grown, pesticide free products. I also do my best to support small businesses as often as I can.

I do suffer from depression and anxiety and have been horrified by the treatment I’ve received within my current industry, which is another reason for my enforced anonymity. I’m not ashamed to be ill, but the perception of mental health within the workforce has shocked me.

Finally, due to a lot of the above, my tagline is Breaking the Silence. There are so many things in the world at the moment that need shouting about – feminism and mental health included -that I want to raise my voice and use it to smash down those walls!